Charter Flight Experts

Founded in 1987, XTRA Airways® specializes in providing safe, reliable, and flexible group air travel in the demanding commercial air charter market. We focus on personalized service, support, and attention to detail, accommodating sports teams, corporate incentive groups, entertainers, civic leaders, students, or any other group, transporting them in both comfort and style.


Safe, Reliable Air Charter Service

XTRA Airways has maintained an impeccable safety record since its inception. 

Committed to the highest standards of operational readiness, we are certified under the most rigorous FAA Part 121 Flag regulations designated for all major U.S. airlines. All of our aircraft are maintained and cared for by highly qualified FAA-certified technicians to meet and exceed approved FAA and Boeing maintenance programs. Our highly skilled and experienced flight crews are exceptionally focused on safety and undergo continuous training in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Safety and reliability go hand-in-hand. The policies and procedures that lead to a safe airline also help produce a reliable one. At XTRA Airways, the proof is evidenced by our mechanical dispatch reliability rate of 99%.


Our Air Charter Features

Compare charter airlines and you’ll find that XTRA Airways offers key benefits, not always available elsewhere:

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What can you expect from XTRA Airways? Consistency. Commitment. Focused determination and follow-through. We want to earn your charter flight business and win your trust. Request a quote today.